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The Green Lane Crew (GLC) has always been about off road motorcycle trail riding, or green laning as many people call it, but as more and more people have joined our forum and facebook group we have been asked to cover subjects such as 'getting in to off-road motorcycling, tuition  and competition riding for novices. We've even been asked about other 2-wheeled activities such as BMX, mountain biking and extreme sports too so we may cover that in the future as many of them are entry points in to off road motorcycle riding! Your wish is our command so welcome to the brand new, completely redesigned and overhauled resource website for all things '2-wheeled off road '


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Photo submitted by Patryk Beben

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A Bit About The Green Lane Crew


The Green Lane Crew was set up in 2005 to encourage off road motorcyclists of all abilities to get together and enjoy the legal byways of our countryside. At the time, the only source of information on green laning for motorcyclists was the TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) but our experiences with them, at the time,  were not great. We were hardly 'welcomed with open arms' and to us it seemed like a little secret society! What was needed at the time, in our view, was for more riders to get out there and ride what we have left of the legal byway system. Many TRF groups have now improved immensely, perhaps because of The Green Lane Crew's approach, and we would encourage everyone to join! .


What we found quite early on was that many riders were nervous and did not want to be pressured by riders who had more experience riding off road. We also found that hardly anyone knew where we could ride legally. With that in mind we set up a web site and a forum and basically just shared information, got out there and rode our bikes. The whole ethos of the GLC was to welcome everyone regardless of riding ability, age or background. If you had a road legal off-road motorcycle you were welcomed, and still are to this day, with open arms.

Photograph by Paul Massey Creative

The GLC Evolved


As time has moved on we have now found that many people want to have a go at off-road motorcycle riding without any pressure from better or more experienced riders to ride beyond their skill levels who do not have a full motorcycle licence for a variety of reasons such as the cost - over £500 for direct access, age, or because they do not want to invest a large amount of money on something they may not enjoy as much as they thought. For this reason The Green Lane Crew is no longer exclusive to riding the byways of this country but an all encompassing resource and community for all things related to off-road motorcycle riding. We will cover tuition, try out days, practice venues, bike bits and much more.

Rider Experience Day (RED) in North Wales. Photograph by Paul Massey Creative

Getting Social


The best way of getting out riding off-road motorcycles is to talk to other off road motorcyclists! From the get go the GLC started life as a small website with a small forum of less than 10 people. Today the forum has well over 2000 members, and as from autumn 2013 we set up a Facebook Group which seems to be the most popular place for people to 'talk bikes' receiving over 2500 members to date - it continues to grow quite rapidly so if you are not part of the group join us now! Links to both the Facebook Group and the Forum can be found in the footer of every page. You can also press the 'Like' button in the header (top right of page) to help spread the word!


One thing to bear in mind is that the social networks are public so don't post stuff about riding illegally as it just makes the GLC look bad and is ammunition for the anti-bikers out there! We don't like to censor anything (apart from advertising) on either the Facebook Group Page or the Forum so take it all with a pinch of salt as the views expressed on the social sites is not necessarily that of the GLC.